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Unleash Your Little Dynamo with Our Exciting Preschool Gymnastics Program

GAGE's Dragonfly Preschool Gymnastics cultivates not only gymnastics skills but also a love for sports, fostering growth in motor development, confidence, leadership, and problem-solving. Building strong foundations for lifelong well-being and intelligence, all while having FUN!

Why Choose GAGE's Preschool Program?

Free Trial

Experience the magic of GAGE's Dragonfly Preschool Program with a complimentary trial session. See firsthand how our dynamic gymnastics classes unleash their potential.

Toddler Fun @ Bump City


Watch your little one thrive in a nurturing and safe environment designed to foster growth and development.

Join our engaging Toddler Fun sessions and introduce them to the joy of movement.

$6 online | $7 at door |  Wednesday & Friday | 10am - 11am

Building Social Bonds 

Your child will form lasting friendships, embracing the fun and excitement of learning together with a supportive community of young explorers.

Expert Coaching

Our team of seasoned coaches creates age-appropriate challenges, nurturing your child's skills and confidence.

Empowerment through Play 


Gymnastics fosters independence, problem-solving skills, and a lifelong love for fitness, laying a strong foundation for their bright future.

Kid Jumping Trampoline

Elevate Their Abilities


 Unleash Raw Potential

Power Up with Enhanced Motor Skills

Precision, and Confidence

Kids learn to lead and collaborate in group activities, fostering leadership skills.

Set Goals, Lead Fearlessly


Age-Appropriate Challenges, Fueling a Lifelong Love for Fitness


Ignite Social Bonds

Through gymnastics, kids forge lasting friendships and form a tight-knit community, fostering teamwork and camaraderie.



Gymnastics lessons encourage independence as children perform exercises on their own.

EnGAGE: Embrace the Journey to Greatness

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Preschool Program - Sara Thorton

"GAGE Centers Preschool Program has been an absolute game-changer for my little one. The engaging Toddler Time sessions have sparked her love for movement, and I've seen her confidence soar with each class. The coaches are fantastic, creating a nurturing and empowering environment. She has made wonderful friends and looks forward to her gymnastics adventures every week. I can't recommend GAGE enough!"

Preschool Program/ Toddler Time - Amy Mckinley

"We are beyond thrilled with the GAGE Preschool Program. Our child's social skills have blossomed, and we're amazed at how much they've grown in just a short time. The free trial was a fantastic opportunity to witness the positive impact of gymnastics on their development. The coaches are exceptional, tailoring challenges to suit each child's abilities. It's not just about gymnastics; it's about building character and a love for an active lifestyle. We're grateful for this incredible experience!"

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