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Where Dreams Take Flight

Xcel Dragons Competitive Team: Soaring to Success

Discover a world of limitless possibilities and exhilarating challenges with the Xcel Dragons Competitive Team. Our team provides a unique platform for talented girls to unleash their gymnastic prowess while maintaining the flexibility to pursue other passions. If your daughter craves a greater challenge and dreams of competing, the Xcel Dragons Team is her path to greatness.

Why Choose Xcel Dragons Competitive Team?

  1. Limitless Potential: Girls aged 5 and older are invited to join our ranks, where they'll find a nurturing yet competitive environment that fuels their growth and ambition.

  2. Two Distinct Divisions: Our program is divided into two dynamic divisions to cater to every level of aspiration.

    • AAU Xcel: Perfect for pre-team and Bronze gymnasts, this division follows AAU rules and policies. Athletes will not only compete in GAGE-hosted meets but also have the chance to showcase their skills in other prestigious KC Metro competitions.

    • USAG Xcel: For Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond gymnasts, this division adheres to USA-Gymnastics Xcel Rules and policies. Prepare to shine in GAGE-hosted meets and elevate your journey by competing in USAG-sanctioned meets within a 3-4 hour radius of GAGE.

Soaring to New Heights:

The heartbeat of our program is the thrill of achievement and the joy of progress. While we place a premium on great fun, we recognize that the essence of gymnastics lies in mastering increasingly challenging skills. Through dedicated training, we're committed to nurturing strength, flexibility, and skills that pave the way for flawless and safe gymnastic routines.

Discover what's possible within:

The Xcel Dragons Competitive Team isn't just a team; it's a journey of empowerment, growth, and camaraderie. We invite your daughter to be a part of this incredible adventure, where every twist, leap, and flip is a step toward her dreams. Join us as we set the stage for triumph, and watch your gymnast transform into an Xcel Dragon. Discover the world of the Xcel Dragons Gymnastics Team and embark on a journey that soars beyond expectations.

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