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Men's Dragon Team
Where Champions Rise


Igniting Excellence

Embark on an extraordinary journey of grit, determination, and excellence with the Men's Dragon Team. This exclusive invitation-only gymnastics team, comprising approximately 30 remarkable young men aged 6-18, stands as a testament to unwavering commitment and boundless potential.

Why Choose Men's Dragon Team?

  1. An Elite Brotherhood: Our team is a fraternity of driven young men who share a passion for gymnastics and a burning desire to conquer new heights.

  2. Local to National Glory: From local showdowns to regional championships and national competitions, the Men's Dragon Team is a force to be reckoned with at every level.

  3. Collegiate Bound: Four of our exceptional gymnasts have seamlessly transitioned to the collegiate arena, competing at the highest echelons on coveted scholarships.

Guiding Excellence:

Meet the driving force behind our triumphs, Head Coach Wally Meierarend. With an illustrious coaching career spanning three decades at GAGE, he's not just a coach – he's a visionary. As the Recreational Program Director, Coach Wally is committed to sculpting not just exceptional gymnasts, but also outstanding individuals.


Discover what's possible:

The Men's Dragon Team isn't just a team; it's a legacy of success, camaraderie, and relentless pursuit of greatness. Join us as we redefine boundaries, break barriers, and sculpt champions who excel both on and off the mat. Dive into the world of the Men's Dragon Team and witness the rise of a new generation of gymnastic heroes. Discover the power of Men's Dragon Gymnastics Team and set your sights on a journey that ignites excellence.

Gymnast Performing

Ignite the champion inside

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