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Mighty Dragon Recreational Classes are gender specific, age and skill-level appropriate.  Caring coaches using the well-developed curriculum in a positive, enthusiastic environment create an experience that provides physical, cognitive and social growth that will benefit athletes for years to come.  


Our gymnastics curriculum not only emphasizes correct technique in a progressive manner but also encourages each student to achieve success in a positive learning atmosphere.


Children’s  bodies need to move and be tested in order for them to achieve optimum health.  Gymnastics is an ideal way for kids to do this, as it uses their own body weight and gravity as resistance.  Bouncing, rolling, balancing, pushing and pulling all work to build strength for dynamic activities, as well as core strength for balance and control.


The focus of the Mighty Dragons is great fun.  However, we will always keep in mind that the fun of gymnastics lies in the ability to perform ever more difficult gymnastics skills.  To that end, we will train hard enough to develop strength, flexibility, and skills necessary to do the gymnastics routines safely and correctly.



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