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February 12-14, 2021

GAGE Center |Blue Springs, MO

Remote Viewing Options

Live Streaming | Zoom

Spot TV (closed circuit TV)

Click event to view
  • Download the free mobile app "Spot TV Family"

  • Complete your registration using whatever login and password you want

  • The gym you would choose is GAGE Center 

  • Create a pin code using whatever you want

  • The class you want to view is "Dragon Invitational"

A registration request will come through to us for approval.  It says you will receive a confirmation that you have been approved but we have found this is not happening. We will approve people as fast as we can for access.


DO NOT TAKE A SCREENSHOT, VIDEO, TRY TO MIRROR IT TO YOUR TV OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT OR SPOT TV WILL KICK YOU OFF.  Just a warning. we are not able to fix this on our end, you need to contact Spot TV. 

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