Dragonfly Class Description

Baby Dragonflys (Walking – up to 36 months):  Coaches and parents will work together to introduce key concepts such as taking turns, sharing, listening, and following directions.  Children will experience obstacle courses, beams, bars, tunnels, trampoline rebound surfaces, tumbling, musical activities, and other fun-inspiring stations.  The social component of interacting with other children is invaluable.  The class is offered in two different age groups:

  • Walking – 18 months:  30 minute class per week
  • 19 months – 36 months:  45 minute class per week

Dragonfly Classes (3-4 years boys & girls):  No parents needed here!  The curriculum will introduce the young students to physical activities that will engage their imagination while developing gross motor strength, coordination and early gymnastics fundamentals.  Students will also learn how to stay with a group, follow directions, and develop independence from their parents.  (45 minute class per week)

Boys Only Dragonfly Classes:  This fast paced class is perfect for active 3 & 4 year old boys and is designed to build coordination, agility, strength and speed.  This class is a great foundation for the boys gymnastics team or for any other sport he chooses to do.  These classes are held in the Dragon Building. (55 minute class per week)

Advanced Dragonfly Classes:   A class for students who have conquered the Dragonfly class and are ready for more of a challenge.  This class will focus more on the gymnastic skill technique and form.  This class lays a great foundation for the Junior Dragon Developmental program.  (55 minute class per week)

Snap Dragons:  (5-6 year old girls):  This is the transitional class to the Mighty Dragon Girls Recreational program.  Classes are held in the Dragon Building and follow the Mighty Dragon pre-level 1 curriculum.  (55 minute class per week) 

Class size:  Class size is limited; a strict teacher/student ratio is maintained at each age group.