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Dragonfly Preschool Gymnastics classes provide preschoolers with not only a foundation of gymnastics skills, but also the tools they need to enjoy a variety of sports throughout life.  In our gymnastics classes, students grow by leaps and bounds in gross motor development, hand-eye coordination, rhythm, fine motor development, spatial awareness, and balance.  They also build confidence, learn to set goals and gain leadership qualities!  Dragonfly classes present age-appropriate challenges for each stage of development and teach students independence while enhancing their problem-solving skills.  Child development experts know, for preschoolers, acquiring a healthy learning attitude is far more important than mastery of specific skills.  The Dragonfly Preschool Gymnastics program is focused on the total well-being of each child.  This philosophy enables us to assist in the development of a strong learning foundation for a lifetime of health and fitness.  From the student’s perspective, they’re just having FUN!

Research now proves that early motor learning helps brain development and makes kids smarter.  The part of the brain that processes movement is the same part of the brain the processes learning.

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Dragonfly Performance Opportunities

All Dragonfly and Snap Dragon students are encouraged to participate in the Mighty Dragon Challenge Meets offered three times per year.   Everyone’s a winner at these fun themed events.  It’s a great way for students to show off their skills to family and friends.

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