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Cheerleaders Are Amazing Athletes!

No doubt about it….Cheerleaders are great athletes.  With many of the same benefits of gymnastics and dance, plus a unique team element.  Cheerleading has developed into a challenging and exciting sport. 

Gage offers:

  • All All-Star Cheer Coaches are USASF (U.S. All Star Federation) Safety Certified.
  • Our facility is equipped with state-of-the art mats, spring floor & gymnastic equipment.
  • We emphasize safety, the importance of progressions & follow the USASF progression credentialing frame.
  • Jamie Gumina – Cheer Director – is the KC area’s USASF Safety Certifier.

Cheer 101:  This class instructs all aspects of cheerleading with about 50% of the time devoted to tumbling skills specific to the needs of cheerleading and the rest of the time devoted to jumps, stunting, cheers, etc.

Custom School Squad Class:  Arrange a custom curriculum just for your squad. We will tailor a class to meet your squad’s needs.  

Dragon All-Star Cheer Squads: These competitive squads have try-outs in late Spring each year.  Athletes may be evaluated privately later on in the season.  These cheerleaders compete at local, regional and national level competitions throughout their season.  Squads are available for all age and skill levels.  Prep, non-travel and traveling teams available.  Call  816-229-7775 or email for more information.

Recreational Cheer Squads: These teams are designed for the family that would like more flexibility with scheduling while still benefiting from the team atmosphere and performing around the KC area.

Special Needs Squad: This squad is developed for any individual wishing to experience cheerleading competition.  Team Sparks exhibitions around the KC area.  We have a ratio of 1 coach to each student participating.

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