Football Fundraiser Results: 2016-2017

If you are looking at this page, you are probably one of the participants in the
2016-2017 Dragons Booster Club NFL Raffle. The Dragons Booster Club is a
501(c)3 non-profit organization that exists to support the goals, ambitions and
high ideals of each gymnast of the Great American Gymnastic Express women’s
competitive USAG team, levels 4 through Senior International Elite. The Club
raises funds to underwrite competition expenses for the GAGE USAG Gymnasts.
We thank you for your support and hope everyone has lots of fun with this raffle
during the NFL football season!!!

TOTAL PRIZES $7,225.00
$425 given away each week for 17 weeks
Weekly Prizes
$150 Highest 3 Team Total
$75 Second Highest
$50 Third Highest
$25 Fourth Highest
$15 Fifth Highest
$10 Sixth Highest
$50 Lowest 3 Team Total
$25 Second Lowest
$15 Third Highest
$10 Fourth Lowest


1) No two tickets have the same three teams.
2) Your entry is valid for the 17 weeks of the regular season.
3) Each ticket has a unique code identifying 3 teams each week. The scores of
these teams are added together to determine the weekly winners.
4) In case of ties, prizes will be combined and split.
5) Winners will be automatically notified.
6) Teams not playing a given week will be assigned the previous week’s score.

For questions please contact

Week 1 Results                     Week 9 Results

Week 2 Results                    Week 10 Results

Week 3 Results                    Week 11 Results

Week 4 Results                    Week 12 Results

Week 5 Results                    Week 13 Results

Week 6 Results                    Week 14 Results

Week 7 Results                    Week 15 Results

Week 8 Results                    Week 16 Results

Final Week of Contest    Week 17 Results