Developmental Pre-Teams

Junior Dragon Developmental Program

The Jr. Dragon program is a developmental pre-team comprised of four levels for young girls with physical qualities above and beyond the norm with the potential to compete advanced levels of gymnastics.  The purpose of the Jr. Dragon team is similar to a farm team, but the focus is always on having great FUN.  The Jr. Dragons will learn routines that are composed of skills using the USA-Gymnastics Xcel Rules and Regulations.  This becomes a solid foundation in their preparation to become a member of the Silver Dragon or the Dragon Gymnastics Teams.

Mighty Dragons Gymnastics Team

GAGE is providing our recreational students an opportunity to participate in entry level gymnastics meets to showcase the gymnastics, trampoline, and tumbling skills taught in class.  Our Mighty Dragon competitions are promoting gymnastics as a sport from the ground up through…

  • consistent weekly participation
  • in-house gymnastics meets at our GAGE venue 3 times a year as well as other venues outside our gym

The Mighty Dragons will learn routines that are composed of skills using USA-Gymnastics Xcel Rules and Regulations.  The competition format will depend upon the students age, number of class hours attended weekly and the gymnastic level.

Competitions are not required, but students are encouraged to participate in the “competitive aspect” of the Mighty Dragons. Our in-house Mighty Dragon Competitions are a great way for students to show off their accomplishments to family and friends.  The competitions will have lots of awards and priceless photo opportunities.

The Mighty Dragon program lays a solid foundation, should the student desire to try-out for our Junior Dragon, Silver Dragon or Boys Teams.