Courtney McCool

By age sixteen, Courtney McCool was spending more than 35 hours a week training at GAGE. After winning the Level 10 National Title in 2001, Courtney moved up to the highest level of gymnastics, becoming a junior international elite in 2002.

Not only could Courtney compete at the highest level but she could win. A few weeks after the American Cup, Courtney was sent to Athens, Greece to represent the US at the Olympic Test Event. Courtney won the All-Around competition and was the only gymnast to qualify for all four event finals.

In Athens, Courtney was part of the Silver medal US Team. Courtney was also able to submit her original beam mount to the Code of Points, and it is now been officially names the McCool.

“I Pray that my actions are a good example for the other girls in life as well as gymnastics.”

Courtney was also a member of the National Champion University of Georgia Gymnastics team.

2004   Olympics, Athens, Greece; Silver-Team
2004   Athens Test Event, Athens, Greece; 1st-AA, 2nd-VT, 3rd-UB, 7th-BB. 5th-FX
2004   Visa American Cup, New York, NY; 2nd-AA, 2nd-VT, 2nd-FX
2003   Masillia Gym Cup, Mareille, France; 2nd-Team, 3rd-AA, 1st-BB, 4th-VT
2003   Pan American Games, Santo Domingo, DOM; 1st-team, 2nd-VT
2002   USA Japan Dual, Houston, Texas; 1st-team, 3rd-VT

2004   Visa US Championships, Nashville, TN; 4th-AA, T3rd-BB, 2nd-FX
2003   US National Championships, Milwaukee, WI; 2nd-AA, 2nd-VT, 4th-UB, 2nd-BB (Jr Div)
2003   US Classic, San Antonio, TX; 2nd-AA, 5th-VT, 2nd-UB, 2nd-BB, 2nd FX (Jr Div)
2003   American Classic, Boston, Mass; 2nd-AA, 2nd-VT, 5th-UB, 5th-BB, 2nd-FX (Jr Div)
2003   National Elite Podium Meet, Fairfax, VA; 3rd-VT. 3rd-BB, 5th-FX (Jr Div)
2002   US Championships, Cleveland, OH; 8th UB
2002   US Classic, Virginia, VA;
2002   American Classic, Indianapolis, IN; 6th-BB, 9th-FX