Bump City Challenge

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What is Bump City Challenge?
 It is an educational team building program designed to:

  • Expose kids to fitness in a fun way
  • Cultivate respect for the uniqueness in ourselves and others
  • Nurture communication & collaboration skills
  • Develop self-confidence by working together

Events include both physical and mental tasks

  • May be individualized with an underlying educational theme
  • Designed to require all team members to be involved to achieve the best result

Event Outline – 2 hour length

First 10 minutes:

  • Arrive with name tags on and divide in preselected groups
  • General rules & icebreaker game

Next 80 minutes:

  • Challenge rotations (approximately 10 minutes each)

Approximately 10 minutes:

  • Award ceremony – Everyone’s a Winner

Remaining time:

  • Open play in Bump City

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How many students can be on a team?
    1. Teams should be 8-10 students in size, ideally each team has equal numbers.
  2. How many teams can participate?
    1. We can easily handle up to 15-16 teams, which is 150-160 students.
  3. How many events?
    1. There will be up to 8 different challenges depending on the size of the groups.
  4. What are some examples of the challenges?
    1. Events may include:  Conveyor Belt, Hefty Hurdles, Mine Field, All Aboard
  5. What are the award?
    1. Each student will receive a certificate of completion.

Bonus Benefits:

  • Gets kids excited about fun physical activity which can foster a life long love of fitness.
  • Become a solution to combat childhood obesity!